One and Only 《热烈》

Category : Distribution
Country : China

Directed by : Da Peng
Production Year : 2022
Release Date : 24 August 2023
Running Time : 124 minutes
Cast : Huang Bo, Wang Yibo


Chen Shuo, who has been performing “commercial street dance” for a living, meets his coach, Ding Lei, and joins the street dance club Exclamation Point. The dancers in the club have different personalities, and it was difficult for Chen Shuo to connect with them. While Chen Shuo is integrating into the group gradually, Exclamation Point is facing disbandment and Chen Shuo encounters more obstacles along the way. The love for dance and the support from their teammates enable Chen Shuo and Ding Lei to go through the slump and come back stronger. In the end, Chen Shuo and Ding Lei win the highest glory of their own. 四处表演“商演街舞”谋生活的陈烁巧遇伯乐——教练丁雷,加入老牌街舞俱乐部惊叹号。俱乐部内舞者高手如群,性格各异,与陈烁碰撞出不同的火花,笑料不断。而就在陈烁融入集体之时,惊叹号却面临解散,陈烁也迎来接二连三沉重的打击。对舞蹈的热爱,队友之间惺惺相惜的宝贵情感,支撑着陈烁、丁雷等人走过低迷,破茧重生。最终,陈烁和丁雷获得了属于自己的最高荣耀。

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