Cafe Waiting Love 等一个人咖啡

Category : Distribution
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : Chiang Chin-lin
Written by : Giddens Ko
Produced by : Chiang Chin-lin
Production Year : 2014
Running Time : 120 minutes
Cast : Vivian Chow as Cafe owner, Megan Lai as Abusi, Vivian Sung as Si-ying Lee, Bruce as A-Tuo / Tzeng Yuan-Tuo, Marcus Chang as Zeyu, Pauline Lan as Auntie Jin-dao


How many times in a lifetime, does one’s heart skip a beat? Their words lost. I’ve never been in love but as a person who believes in love, we should cherish every moment your heart skips a beat. And keep on searching, again, again, and again. In this little café, everyone is waiting for someone to love. 这辈子能有多少次 心跳加速、话都快说不出来的时候,我没谈过恋爱,但我知道一个对爱情有信仰的人,应该珍惜每一次心动的时刻,然后勇敢追寻下一次、再下一次、然后再下一次。 小小的咖啡店里 ,每一个人,都在等一个人。

Production Still