Remembering 1950 1950他们正年轻

Category : Distribution
Country : China

Directed by : Song Kunru
Written by : Song Kunru, Li Mu
Production Year : 2021
Running Time : 98 minutes
Cast : Qinglin Bai, Yuelu Bao, Ruizheng Guo


In 2014, the first batch of 437 remains of the soldiers of Chinese People's Volunteer Army returned to China, and the martyrs who had left the motherland for more than 60 years finally returned home. Seventy-one years ago, those warriors as young as flowers took to the battlefield of the The Korean War. Some returned, and some remained in that land forever. "Remembering 1950" uses a new perspective to focus on ordinary young people who participated in the War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea 71 years ago. Through real-life veterans who participated in the war from different services and different periods, they present their once passionate youth and dreams in simple and subtle words. It also restores the most real battlefield and brings shock and resonance that touches the hearts of contemporary young people.The best thing to remember is not to forget. "Remembering 1950" uses the lens to record precious national memories and pay tribute to the heroes who defended their homes.

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