Iblis Dalam Kandungan

Category : Distribution
Country : Indonesia

Directed by : Adhe Dharmastriya
Production Year : 2022
Running Time : 86 mins minutes
Cast : Nafa urbach, Denira Wiraguna, Ali Syakieb, Adhiyat, Inggrid Widjanarko, Ananda George, Anggia Chan, Ghea Micheo, Rendy Herpy, Yati surachman, Ian Darmawan, Ferensa Thitania


After 15 years of marriage and adopting two children, Amelia is finally pregnant. The family move down to Mount Salak, later they found out that their house is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who had lost her unborn baby in the past. Now, the spirit has come, trying to penetrate Amelia’s body to own the baby in her womb. But the woman’s spirit is not the only danger. There are other more sinister forces present... 结婚15年并收养了两个孩子之后,Amelia终于怀孕了。为了安胎,一家人一起搬到了Salak山脚下。入住之后才发现,这座房子被一个曾经流产的女人的冤魂所控制。现在冤魂不断想要进入Amelia的身体,来获得她的孩子。然而屋子里的冤魂并非唯一的危险,更危险的还在后面。。。