One Second Champion 《一秒拳王》

Category : Production
Country : Hong Kong

Directed by : Chiu Sin Hang 赵善恆
Production Year : 2020
Release Date : COMING SOON
Running Time : 95 minutes
Cast : Endy Chow 周国贤, Chanon Santinatornkul 查朗桑提纳托古, Lin Minchen 林明祯, Chiu Sin Hang 赵善恆, Hung Cheuk Lok 熊倬乐


Tin Yen was born with a superpower of foreseeing one second ahead, but it didn’t bring him any luck so far. Now a middle-aged man, he is still a loser who needs to take care of a young son with partial hearing loss and has no respect for his superpower. One day, a boxing-holic, Shun, witnessed how Tin Yen defeated a loan shark gang by himself. He is determined to hire Tin Yen as his training assistant to beat the local boxing champion, Joe. During the preliminary round, Shun had to withdraw from the match due to an asthma attack. Tin Yen had no choice but to stand-in for Shun. Out of expectation, Tin Yen won with his one-second power. Tin Yen realized that in order to gain back his son’s respect, he had to get himself together. Thus, he agreed to be properly trained by Shun. Suddenly, Tin Yen turned into this new sensation, “One Second Boxing King”, who is on his way to the finals. However, due to an accident, Tin Yen lost his superpower. Will he be able to beat the killer champion, Joe, on his own and will Tin Yen be able to win his son’s respect in the end? 废中周天仁(周国贤)终日在酒吧浑噩,儿子(熊倬乐)对他毫无寄望,为了躲避债主,天仁运用一秒 预知超能力成功逃脱,意外被屡战屡败的拳击教练阿信(赵善恆)发现,拉拢他合作挑战秒杀拳王 Joe (查朗桑提纳托古),堂妹小瑶(林明祯)多番阻挠也无补于事。一秒虽然很短,却能创出宇宙;从未 认真看待自己的天仁,决定借此难得机会,运用这个超能力,在擂台上寻回失落已久的人生初衷,为了 自己,为了儿子,好好活一次!其实输怎会一世,赢又真的只在一秒?

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