Category : Distribution
Country : Malaysia

Directed by : Raja Mukhriz
Production Year : 2020
Release Date : 25 March 2021
Running Time : 101 minutes
Cast : Mona Allen, Pekin Ibrahim, Alicia Amin, Aleeza Kassim, Angeline Tan, Raja Azura


Salina, a teacher in a special education school often receives complaints from parents that their children are not comfortable with her. Salina couldn't focus on her teaching. As a result, the principle has no choice but to give her a break. Salina then received an unexpected call from a lawyer, telling her that she is the new owner of the house received from her late aunt. She decided to go to the house with her colleague, Rizal. Along the way, they saw abandoned children and brought them to the house. Mysterious things begin to happen and haunt them everywhere. Will they be able to escape?

Production Still