Number 1 《男儿王》

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Ong Kuo Sin 王國燊
Written by : Jaspers Lai 賴宇涵
Production Year : 2020
Release Date : 22 October 2020
Running Time : 98 minutes
Cast : Mark Lee 李國煌 , Henry Thia 程旭輝, Jaspers Lai 賴宇涵, Kiwebaby 張承喜, Darius Tan 陳日成, Kenneth Chia 謝仁惠, Cassandra See 薛素珊, Gina Tan 吉娜


Number One is a heart-warming musical family comedy that follows the story of Chow Chee Beng, a middle-aged white collar manager retrenched by his company. After many failed interviews, Chee Beng unwillingly takes a job as a manager at ‘Number One’, a popular drag club. Soon, Chee Beng is roped into dressing up to join the drag queens on stage. And to everyone’s surprise, Chee Beng is a natural drag queen and his performance wows the audiences!

Production Still