Ah Boys to Men 新兵正傳

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Jack Neo 梁志强
Written by : Jack Neo, Link Sng
Production Year : 2012
Running Time : 108 minutes
Cast : Joshua Tan 陈伟恩, Wang Wei Liang 王伟良, Noah Yap 叶荣耀, Maxi Lim 林俊良, Tosh Zhang 张智杨, Richard Low 刘谦益, Irene Ang 洪爱玲


The biggest movie franchise in Singapore! After the enlistment in BMTC Tekong (Basic Military Training Center), Ken appears to be highly demoralized. He enjoys rebutting his instructors when it comes to unreasonable trainings, and will always choose the easy way out during trainings. Ken get to know different people in the camp, including Wayang King - who is the star recruit and wants to be an officer, Lobang - who is quick-witted and street smart, IP Man - whose unique feature is his over-sized mouth, and others. When these recruits undergo harsh trainings, they bond and develop a deep friendship.