Vanguard 急先锋

Category : Distribution
Country : China

Directed by : Stanley Tong 唐季礼
Production Year : 2020
Release Date : 30 September 2020
Running Time : 107 minutes
Cast : Jackie Chan 成龙, Yang Yang 杨洋, Ai Lun 艾伦, Mu Qimiya 母其弥雅, Zhu Zhengting 朱正廷, Xu Ruohan 徐若唅


Vanguard is an internationally-renowned and privately-owned venture high-tech security agency founded by Tang Huanting (Jackie Chan). Their client, Qin Guoli, alerted the U.S. intelligence agencies of his boss, Maasym, as the leader of an aggressive military group in the Middle East. Maasym is then assassinated by the U.S. government and his son, Omar, ordered to have Qin captured. Vanguard members Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang), Zhang Haixuan (Ai Lun) and Miya (Mu Qimiya) are sent on a mission to rescue Qin and to protect his estranged daughter, an elephant conservationist, Fareeda (Xu Ruohan).

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