Love The Way You Are 我的青春都是你

Category : Distribution
Country : China

Directed by : 周彤、代梦颖
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 27 JUNE 2019
Running Time : 92 minutes
Cast : 宋芸桦 Vivian Sung, 宋威⻰ Song Weilong


Opposites clash when spunky girl next door Lin Lin meets eccentric nerd Yuke. Despite being neighbours and schoolmates since childhood, Lin Lin and Yuke barely know each other. When the pair are both admitted into the same university, Lin Lin discovers that Yuke harbours a secret crush for campus beauty, Ruting. Ever the busybody, Lin Lin decides to matchmake Yuke and Ruting, only to find herself gradually falling for Yuke.

Production Still