Big Three Dragons 大三元

Category : Distribution
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : 陈怡妤 Nancy Chen
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 21 March 2019
Running Time : 111 minutes
Cast : 张轩睿 Derek Chang, 陈嘉桦 Ella Chen, 王彩桦 Lotus Wang, 罗时丰 Daniel Lo


Sheng Enterprise is the biggest name in competitive mahjong and this is where the story of ‘Big Three Dragons’ begins. Shun Shao Bai is the heir apparent to the company, but ends up banished from the company after his playful antics at the company’s anniversary party disgraces him. Left with nothing to his name, Shun must defeat his uncle in a deadly mahjong game to win his rightful place back in the company. Problem is...Shun is terrible at mahjong! He’s never won a single round of mahjong in his life! Enter the feisty Wu Que, who takes Shun under her wing and brings him to the famous Wu Lian Palace to become the ultimate mahjong master.

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