The 3rd Eye (Mata Batin) 通灵眼

Category : Distribution
Country : Indonesia

Directed by : Rocky SORAYA
Written by : Rocky SORAYA
Production Year : 2017
Release Date : 3 May 2018
Running Time : 103 minutes
Cast : Jessica MILA, Bianca HELLO, Prima CITRA, Denny SUMARGO


Alia and Abel are sisters with a dark family secret. When their parents die in a tragic accident, the sisters are forced to move back into their childhood home. Abel is terrified, claiming visions of a dark presence in the old house – she can see the dead with her 'third' eye. In desperation, Alia seeks out the psychic Windu to open her 'third' eye too. But this only escalates the nightmarish terrors in the house. Now, the sisters have only each other to stop the evil that threatens more than just their sanity

Production Still