The Ultimate Winner 赢家

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Li Nanxing 李南星
Written by : Li Nanxing 李南星
Produced by : Teri T. Tan
Production Year : 2011

Shi Tian Cai since young was very much influenced by his gambling addicted father. He was known among his peers to be the junior gambling king. When he was 8 years old, his father died in a fire leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself.


Li Nanxing 李南星, Constance Song 宋怡霏, Rebecca Lim 林慧玲, Aaron Chen 陈昭荣, Dai Yang Tian 戴阳天 , Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评, Rayson Tan 陈泰铭, Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽, 黄世南, Chen Shucheng 陈澍城, Chen Li Ping 陈莉萍

Production Still