Judgement Day 世界末日

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Ong Kuo Sin
Written by : Ong Kuo Sin
Produced by : Mark Lee
Production Year : 2013

With about 72 hours left to spare before Judgement Day supposedly arrives, various individuals start spilling out their greatest secrets.


Mark Lee as a police officer., Henry Thia as Liu Fu An, a man who decides to change his gender., Chua En Lai as Richard, Rebecca Lim as Rebecca, Richard's girlfriend, Guo Liang, Edwin Goh, Julie Tan as Xiao Lu, a prostitute with AIDS, Sebestian Tan as a car salesman., Tender Huang as Taiwanese man, Alice Ke Jia Yan, Ah Nan as medium Uncle Jiu, Adrian Pang as Prime Minister Dr Ang,

Production Still