Double Trouble 寶島雙雄

Category : Distribution
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : David Chang
Written by : Sho-heng Yeh, Hongyi Zhang
Produced by : Jeffrey Chan, Joan Huang
Production Year : 2012
Running Time : 92 minutes
Cast : Jaycee Chan, Xia Yu, Jessica Cambensy, Amber Ann, Chen Han Dian,


A 400-year old national treasure painting will be exhibited for the first time in Taipei! Jay, the hot-shot security guard in charge of the security of this painting is busy in preparing for the event. His life is turned upside down by a bumbling tourist from Beijing - Ocean. Ocean, who works as a security guard in his own neighborhood, wins a raffle prize of a vacation in Taiwan. While visiting the museum, he becomes the only witness to the theft of the painting by international crime boss Z. Jay forces Ocean to join him on the quest to retrieve the painting. While on the road, the two guys are constantly at each other's throats, but eventually learn to put aside their differences and work together as a team.

Production Still