Already Famous 一泡而红

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Michelle Chong
Written by : Michelle Chong
Produced by : Anita Hatta
Production Year : 2011
Running Time : 120 minutes
Cast : Michelle Chong as Ah Kiao, Alien Huang as Christopher / Ah Seng, Chua En Lai as Vaness, David Gan as Celebrity hair stylist, Sherry Lim as Hair salon receptionist, Patricia Mok as Modeling agency booker, Ernest Seah as Earness, Wilson Ng as Ah Kiao Father, Meng Chue Lok as Kiao's Grandmother


Hailing all the way from a small town in Malaysia called Yong Peng, kampong girl Lim Ka Kiao also known as Ah Kiao (Michelle Chong), tries her luck to be an actress in Singapore. Although her first attempt to join ‘Starz Search’ fails, Ah Kiao perseveres and works in Singapore as a Watsons sales promoter, whilst searching for another opportunity. On her journey, she meets shy coffeshop helper, Ah Seng (Alien Huang), who understands her passion and her dream. But with obstacles blocking her way to stardom, will Ah Kiao ever achieve her goal?

Production Still