Filial Party 我是孝子

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Boris Boo
Written by : Rebecca Leow
Produced by : Lim Teck
Production Year : 2014
Running Time : 110 minutes
Cast : Christopher Lee as Peh Ah Beng,Kym Ng as Wand Chun Jiao a.k.a. Ah Jiao,Richard Low as Peh Kim Leng,Liu Ling Ling as Lan Bao Zhu,Mark Lee as Millionaire Liu,Ann Kok as Woo Yi Shuang,Jimmy T as Patrick,Hayley Woo as Yoona,Guo Liang as Zhuang Guo Ping,Irene Ang as Felicia (Yoona’s Mother)


Reality TV show "I Am Filial" has taken Singapore by storm with its $1-million prize money for the most filial contestant. The TV show is the brainchild of producer and host, Millionaire Liu. The three finalists are Woo Yishuang, Yoona Zhuang and Peh Ah Beng, each with very different backgrounds and agenda for participating in the show. How much is filial piety worth? Can money buy filial piety? 孝顺是...要以身作则?孝顺是...要报答父母?孝顺是...把父母当好朋友?

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