The Cage 懼場

Category : Distribution
Country : Malaysia

Directed by : Felix Tan 陈炳丰, Kethsvin Chee 池家庆
Written by : Felix Tan
Produced by : Felix Tan, Kethsvin Chee
Production Year : 2014
Running Time : 91 minutes
Cast : Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁, Henley 许亮宇, William 辛伟廉 , Coby 庄可比, Adrian 陈凯旋, Berg 李承运 , Wayne 蔡佩璇


The first 'reality' movie in Malaysia, shot with no script or re-takes. Six actors perform in a gigantic locked cage on stage. At the show's premier, one of them is unexpectedly killed on stage for real. The remaining actors desparately cry out for help, only to be greeted by a thunderous applause for their authentic' performance. They lated realized it's a very well-planned trap by psychopathic murderers and must continue to act until they find the murderer hidden amongst them.

Production Still