How to Train Our Dragon 有五个姐姐的我就注定要单身了啊!! (PG)

Category : Distribution
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : Shaun Su 苏文生
Production Year : 2018
Release Date : 22 November 2018
Running Time : 96 minutes minutes
Cast : Kent Tsai 蔡凡熙, Jeannie Hsieh 谢金燕,Eugenie Liu 刘奕儿,Moxi Zhang 张墨锡,Clover Kao 高隽雅,Zhang Yao 张垚,Chloe Xiang 项婕 如


Dragon Lee struggles with living with his five beautiful, talented, and incredibly strict older sisters. With the transfer of a new girl, Meng, to his class, Dragon decides to trick Meng into becoming his girlfriend so he can escape the control of his sisters. With this new ‘threat’, his sisters set up traps and challenges to try and break up the young couple, but Meng and Dragon grow closer as they head face-on and overcome each challenge together. Yet Dragon’s plan of using Meng to escape from his sisters eventually comes to light. Heartbroken, she distances herself from Dragon. His attempts at reconciliation fail and he soon learns that Meng is about to transfer again, this time away from their class and him. Their young love now faces the biggest challenge of all. 李狂龙人生最大的悲剧,就是拥有美丽动人、各怀绝技,却对狂龙管教甚严的五个姊姊。狂龙就读的圣德高中,新转学来周游列校的热心魔人徐心梦,狂龙灵机一动,决定唬弄小梦成为自己的女朋友,借此逃离姊姊们的魔爪。面对突然杀出来的小梦, 姊姊们百般阻挠,小梦却如有神助,一一突破姊姊们设下的难关。两人的感情透过闯关联盟而逐渐升温,大姊终于答应了狂龙和小梦的交往, 承诺从此再也不管狂龙。小梦在得知狂龙追求自己原来只是为了摆脱五个姊姊之后非常难过, 两人渐行渐远。 狂龙打破僵局主动向小梦攀谈,试图挽回小梦, 小梦却说不久之后她又要转学了, 心碎的女孩与不知所措的男孩, 谁才能解救这一局带着初恋味道的爱情关卡?

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